I spent the past week visiting my brother in Brooklyn where we did a fair amount of drinking, here are some of the boozey highlights. We had an opportunity to do tour and tasting of Brooklyn Winery. The winery collects grapes from upstate New York and California, brings them all to their small urban location and makes all the wine in-house. We had the pleasure of tasting through 7 different wines and all were very well made and fantasticly tasty. The tasting room is layed out more like a restaurant than a tasting room, but is a wonderful use of space, in fact the whole facility is a great use of space. Brooklyn Winery is definitely a must-visit while in the city.

I also got us tickets to Whisky Live, a massive whisk(e)y tasting event is held all over the world throughout the the year. We had an opportunity to try a variety of Scotch, Bourbon, Canadian, and Irish whiskies. There were over 100 samples available, well worth the ticket price of $129, it even included dinner. The tasting was on a weeknight from 6 to 9 pm, which brought out the Wall Street Bros in droves.  Our first thought after entering into a sea of 3-piece suits was that us two beach raised, California natives were very underdressed, but this was actually to our benefit. We stood out to the booth pourers as a breath of fresh air amongst the other finance driven, blue suited attendees, and they poured us generously. We actually got invited into the VIP lounge and tasted the best of the best. Our favorites included the Glengoyne 21, The Glenlivet XXV, and the greasy breakfast we ate late the next morning. Check out http://www.WhiskyLive.com to find an event around you.